Face of hope

Face of hope
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 2 update on Meagan

Meagan is still at Children's Hospital.  Brian's been doing a great job going back and forth between Children's and  me ....I know he must be exhausted!

Basically, we are waiting on Meagan to have her MRI today - this will give the NSG (neurosurgeon) a better idea of where he wants to place the shunt and give him a clearer overall picture of what he needs to do. If Meagan has any other abrnomalities going on, it may also show us that on the MRI as well.

Meagan has been holding up pretty well.  Her potassium was very low on Friday so they put more in her IV.  They re-drew blood yesterday to re-test her potassium levels, but the blood clotted before they could test it.

Brian went down to see Meagan - he sat with her and was going to try to feed her for the first time since I can't go.  I'm pumping for her, but, my milk isn't in yet so for now we're using donor milk .. whch is great. She ended up eating only a few drops and then didn't want anymore, so Brian still sat with her and rocked her for about 45 minutes.  Apparently, she's been having sucking problems - but - this isn't anything unusual for a Hydro baby.  She will have surgery on Monday.. so we will basically be starting from square one with sucking once she's awake anyway.  After realizing these things and talking with the NICU doctor and some other Hydro parents, we aren't too concerned with it at this point. We'll see how this next week goes.   

Before Brian left, the nurses re-drew blood from Meagan's heel since the previous specimen had clotted.  I talked to the NICU nurse late last night and she said they actually had to draw again after that one because it also clotted. Sigh...

As for other things - they keep putting "goop" (I'll find out the real name at some point... ) on her eyes because she cannot fully close her eyelids.  The NICU doctor told me this is common in Hydro babies .. so she gets the 'goop' put on to help when she sleeps because her eyes still stay a bit open.

Brian said it was wonderful to hold her - I'm so jealous! :) But I'm truly so, so happy that Daddy got to go and hold her.  He said it was awkward, though because of her head size. I can only imagine because her body is so tiny, there is no balance... so I"m sure it was a bit difficult. Apparently the nurses helped prop her up with pillows, blankets etc.  I remember how even with a newborn that has a normal sized head, how tired my arm would get from holding them/nursing them... Brian said that yes, his arm was hurting after a bit because of her head weight.

Brian's headed back down there today to spend some time with her before/after her MRI.. Also, another really neat thing is that he's going to be able to meet another Hydro family.  They have a little girl with Hydrocephalus and will be there for some testing, so it works out great Brian will be there too.  We've been very lucky to talk to a ton of Hydro families through message boards, including this family...etc.. so it was a blessing to find them since they live in our city. 

That's about all for now -- so I will be sure to update once we get any information from NSG about her MRI today. 

I love you Meagan.


  1. Thanks for the update! I am praying for all of you! It won't be long until you will be holding Meagan too:) Have a blessed day!

  2. We are sending prayers for you guys. Meagan is so beautiful. I am so glad daddy got to spend some time holding her I am sure you are anxious to get some cuddle time with your sweet little one.