Face of hope

Face of hope
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

34 week OB check

Today I went for my 34 OB check.  Everything basically checked out fine.  I had my first NST (non-stress test).  Meagan did ok on it.  Then I went in for my belly check and to discuss what we'd talked about with Dr. So and So yesterday.  This is the first week my belly was actually measuring ahead, so I guess she's pushing more outward than I'm used to!  I did drop about 5 pounds in weight - not sure how or why, but, I did.  I eat a lot and all the time... must just be how my body is handling it. 

She said Dr. So and So had called her about our appointment yesterday.  She basically mimicked what he had said.  I listened but then told her we were pretty adament about our position, and, we were doing it in a completely rational way.  She finally just said that she hoped the lungs were mature in 2 weeks.  I really like my OB but I could definitely tell this was a "sore spot" for her -- I know where she's coming from - liability, baby being mature enough..etc.. however.. we have such a great working relationship, I basically interrupted, laid out what we thought, told her we had no trust or anything for Dr. So and So ... and cut it off there.  I don't want to feel any sort of discomfort with my OB because of our past relationship being good - and - since she's delivering me, I need to think (even if she doesn't truly feel that way) that she's 100% backing me up so I'm confident in her. 

She then called over to the hospital to order my second steroid shot.  I went over there to check in to Triage.  They said it was just standard policy that all patients have to go on the monitors for a certain amount of time if treated there - even for a shot.  I said ok, no problem. 

As I laid there on the monitors, I started to have contractions. Go figure, I thought.  I kinda laughed to myself at the fact that she'd just been through her NST with nothing and now, here I was having pretty strong contractions 3-8 minutes apart. Regular. And actually causing me pain! The nurse asked me on the scale of 1-10 what the pain level was -- The actual tightening in my belly was about a 4-5... strong enough to make me uncomfortable but not painful per say.  The pain in my back though that traveled forward TO my belly - wow! I definitely gave it a 7.  For me, that's strong because I do have a pretty high pain tolerance.

The nurse called my doctor to see what to do -- she said since I wasn't having any dramatic cervical changes (only went from a fingertip to  1+cm) to let me go home and monitor them there. I was released to go home and so I went on about my day.

I go back now twice a week to her for NST's and check ups in addition to seeing the Perinatologist (gag) once a week. 

I know these long periods of contractions will continue until she's born.  It's so frustrating though because I highly doubt she'll ever actually put me into labor unless my water breaks.  Yes, she is large enough to be causing my body to contract.. however.. her head is so large, she cannot engage where she needs to for actual cervical change... so I am just going to assume I'll have contractions like this these last 2-4 weeks without them actually "accomplishing" anything. Sigh.

That's about it from today.  I got a lot of cleaning done - I guess that's one good thing about being really mad at the Specialist.  My house is sparkling!

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  1. IS it wrong for me to hope that your new energy to clean will lead to labor?? LOL. Just hoping little Meagan will come sooner, rather than later!

    OH and I almost forgot... search for FB page Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc. They just posted a video that is fantastic!