Face of hope

Face of hope
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

35 week OB check

I had my 35 week OB check up today.  I started out with 30 minutes on the monitor for my second NST this week.  I was contracting about every 3 minutes - of course, but, no need to do anything as it isn't going to put me in to any real labor.  It's annoying - to have these contractions and know they aren't doing anything since she can't engage like she needs to, but, at the same time, the contractions are comforting because I know my body is near done with this pregnancy. The frustration lies in the fact that they will never actually throw me in to "real" labor.  My only hope of going in "on my own" would be if my water breaks.  Oh well... I would go through 10 weeks of these contractions/discomfort if it meant her getting here safely.

I don't really sleep at night because I cannot lay down - if I do, I can't breathe because she is taking up SO much space in there.  Other Hydro moms I've talked to have mentioned this before.. and now I know EXACTLY what they mean.  I've carried two 40 week babies... a 39 week baby.. and a 41+week baby.. and NONE have compared to the difficulty I'm having on the inside with this one!  Not even Kaitlin who was over a week late. I have to sleep sitting up - but I keep waking up during the night because I'm just not used to sleeping so straight up. I did talk about this with my OB because obviously, with 4 children, a house to tend to, and a teaching job, I need to have my rest to function. My OB did say I can take some Tylenol PM to help, so if I stay sleepless these next few nights, I may try that and see if it helps. She also said if that doesn't help or I am really having problems by next week she'd be glad to give me a small prescription so I can get my rest before Meagan arrives.
I also feel like another big growth spurt could have happened this week.  Of course I could be totally wrong - but - I'm feeling very eerily similar to the few days before I had my last scan when we found out her head had jumped up 9cm.  So I certainly won't be surprised if we go back next Wednesday and she in fact did have another jump in head circumference. 

My OB was back to her usual nice self - not that she wasn't 'nice' last week, but, it was more of a "business" appointment since I had to throw all our troubles with Dr. Specialist on her last time.  I'm sure she also feels in a very awkward position because she knows us well and knows we are only looking out for our daughter.. yet she has to go by what the Specialist says since he gives the final say in when Meagan is born. This time she was very understanding and it was a good appointment to just talk and know she was there for us.  She told me she'll be thinking of me next week when we have the amnio and will be hoping the lungs show mature.  It's nice to have her support since the Specialist we see is a total doozy.  She gave me a prescription for my flu shot, and then said she'd see me back on Monday for another NST.

Pretty uneventful day - which is a good thing - but - eventful in the fact that we are 35 weeks!! YAY! Worst case scenerio - it's 25 days until I get to see my beautiful Meagan!! 

To pass the time in small portions, I'm starting the countdown now until next Wednesday.  We see the Specialist again then (gag) and get our Amnio done.  Say a lot of prayers that the amnio results next Wednesday show her lungs are ready to go!

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  1. I am praying for you both, and that Wednesday shows her lungs are mature and she is ready to come out.