Face of hope

Face of hope
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

36 week Perinatologist visit

Today we had our 36 week ultrasound with the Peri and also our Lung Maturity Amnio. Turns out, the Specialist was very receptive to our demands from 2 weeks ago.  I think the last appointment went so badly and was so agumentative, he realized that we are not going to budge.  He was very kind today and open to everything we had to say. 

The ultrasound was pretty much what we've experienced every time. Very thorough and lots and lots of measurements.  One of the neat things, though, was that this time we saw SO much detail.  We could see Meagan's eyelashes! And even hair - the tech said she has quite a bit of hair!
Meagan's head has grown again - so she is pushing 48cm + with her head circumference.  Her BPD measurement, which I did NOT want to see go past 12cm (because it means a more complicated c-section for me = more risks in the future) was unfortunately 12.6cm.  So I guess it is what it is, and we'll just have to go with it. 
The one piece of "good" news was that her abdomen has now caught up to her body.  It, along with her other bodily measurements, were right on 36 weeks - so it was good to see her stomach wasn't measuring a week behind anymore. 
Her estimated weight at this point is almost 10lbs!!!! Of course, we realize a lot of that is her head - but it's still quite a bit to digest.

Then I was prepped for the Amnio.  I have never had an Amnio done in 4 kids... so this was all new to me.  It really didn't hurt at all - it was more uncomfortable than anything... like something that is on your skin you want to rub off, but can't.  It was very quick - I could probably count slowly to 10 .. and in that time, the Dr. had inserted the needle, withdrawn the fluid, and taken the needle out.  I was thankful for the fast pace of the procedure.

The Dr. then told us we could expect one of three results: 1.Immature - lungs are not ready for delivery. 2.Transitional - Enzymes showing lung maturity are present, but, they are not at a high enough level to qualify as "mature" 3.Mature - Enzymes are in the fluid and showing a high enough level to qualify the lungs as mature and ready for birth. 
If Meagan's lungs show "Mature" tomorrow, then he said he will press forward with us for delivery.  He said we could look as early as Friday if this is the case!  I may ask for Monday, though, if they can fit us in because that way we have the weekend to set things up and it gives a few days for the 2 Grandmas to make their way down to Atlanta to watch the girls.  Plus, I just found out our Priests are on retreat this week (of course..) so Monday would be a much better day all around!
If the lungs aren't quite ready, though, and show "Transitional,", then we will simply come back next Wednesday morning for another Amnio and we will repeat the test.

I was VERY happy to hear that he will move forward if she shows her lungs are ready.  I am really hoping she does show ready -- but, I'm not holding my breath because I realize it is still a few weeks before a normal delivery time.  So I'm cautiously optomistic.. but not banking on it because I do not want to be disappointed.  We should hear the results early tomorrow morning, so I will update the blog when we hear back from the Perinatal Office.

I'm very happy with how things went today.  It just goes to show - trust that 'mommy' instinct. Fight for what you know is best for your child...present valid and appropriate information....dig your heels in the ground... and the doctors may just eventually give in and see your side of the story.  We never know how these doctors will look back and reflect on our cases, or on us as people. Perhaps, if we keep pushing them to find out more, it will be just a little easier for a future Hydrocephalus parent.

St. Gianna, pray for Meagan.

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  1. Meagan is in my continual thoughts and prayers! Praying for all of you as she enters this world very soon! You've fought a good fight Molly!