Face of hope

Face of hope
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little attitude never hurt anyone

Well apparently, Miss Meagan decided to trick us.  She went for her MRI today -- she did great.  When she was wheeled back to the NICU, she was apparently VERY angry! She was crying and crying - Brian fed her a bottle and she ate 36cc's! This is the number they had been telling Brian she had to eat to come off of her IVs ......

Also, another family we have been communicating with online since finding out Meagan's diagnosis just happened to be at Children's today as well! So my husband and Meagan got to meet this fellow Hydro family!! The husband and wife came to see Brian and Meagan and even held her ... I couldn't be there to meet them, obviously, but, it feels so good to have made that connection with others who are going through the same thing!!!

So I guess it took a little poking and prodding for the MRI... and another Hydro family to come visit.. and Meagan got mad and decided to show off and eat all she was supposed to. What an attitude.  But we'll take it if it keeps pushing her forward with progress! LOL

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  1. GO Meagan! You are one tough little cookie:) Enjoy your evening dear Molly, can't wait to hear what the future holds for this little one! HUGS and PRAYERS!