Face of hope

Face of hope
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Routine appointment.. what's that?

Today I went back to see my regular OB.  It's the first time I'd seen her since the initial ultrasound that found the Hydrocephalus.  I was excited to see her because she is a great doctor, and has been wonderful to me through Anna, Maura, and the miscarriage. 

She came in and we talked a little bit about delivery.  I really had no other questions about Meagan in particular because I feel like, at least for now, I have a good grasp of the hydro and all the issues "a to z" that we could be facing.  She told me most likely, we would be looking at a c-section, which I expected. She described to me a little bit what would go on... and said we'd cover a lot more at my pre-op appointment before delivery.  She said that she is hoping since everything looks good so far I can be delivered at 38 weeks.  I'm hoping for this too because of course, goal #1 in this sea of unknowns is to keep Meagan in as long as possible so she is the absolute strongest and healthiest for surgery.

She also told me that she'd make sure they let me see Meagan before they transferred her, and that if all goes as she thinks it will, that she can get me out of there in 2 days so I can go to Children's to be with Meagan. Of course, as with everything in Hydro, it's all a 'wait and see' game in reality. 

I got my blood drawn for my antibody test as well. (I'm a negative blood type, so every pregnancy I have to have an antibody test, and then a Rhogam shot at 28 weeks to prevent my body from fighting the baby. Another shot is given to me within 72 hours of birth to protect future pregnancies. So far I've had all positive blood type children, so I've been lucky (insert sarcasm) to have the after birth shots as well. LOL)
Today was pretty routine - belly check, heartbeat check, blood draw... but.. with the last month of mayhem, it certainly was welcome!

[As a little 'aside,' I definitely want to compliment my OB for what a great doctor she is. She has the attitude and personal character of a 'midwife'... but has the medical skill and expertise of a great OB ... which I love.  It's the perfect combination!  She has been a lifesaver through all this, and always been a huge support.  Even after the miscarriage, she scheduled a 45 minute "talking appointment" once everything was over, just to make sure I was ok. I really appreciate that alot -- these doctors deal with our whole LIFE... because they deal with the very birth, loss, worry of our children, who ARE our life. I appreciate her taking so much extra time and tenderness in dealing with me, and also having a balance of giving medical information and not losing sight of the humor and joy in life.  I'm sure she treats all her patients this way.  She gave me a huge hug and told me that she knows I'll be fine - she knows Meagan will do great and that I am strong and can handle this. And you know -she's right. And that's the kind of attitude we SHOULD have from our perinatologists!

Lastly, I was reading about Meagan's astrological sign since her birthday got changed (and may change again)... if she sticks with her new date,  she will be a Libra.  I found it kind of fitting that a Libra's main character trait is to "be consistant and live an easy and uncomplicated life." I thought it was funny that character aspects I already see in Meagan AND a wish I have for her were both incorporated in her sign's key traits.  So far, she is showing her steadiness and consistancy -- doing a great job staying strong, staying healthy, and so far, managing the growing fluid in her brain.  And of course, with all the unknowns in her future, I do wish for her an easy and uncomplicated life.  This doesn't mean I don't believe there will be hardships or struggles for her - but - I think as long as we can keep reinforcing the right attitude within her soul, it can most certainly be uncomplicated. I just want her to know the joy of life, and, be happy that she gets to experience that everyday.

25 weeks down.... 13 weeks to go!


  1. Prayers and HUGS! Meagan is blessing you already!

  2. It's me again, when I typed my comment... my word verification was BLESS! :)