Face of hope

Face of hope
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 5 million year weekend

Looking forward to the weekend was pretty much hell after our appointment on Thursday.  The OB's office was trying to get me in with the Perinatal group as soon as possible - but there was nothing available near our house until June 30th.  JUNE 30TH??? We needed answers sooner, at least any answers we could get ... so Friday morning, I called my OB's office back and pushed them for an earlier appointment at a different location.  They called me back and said they found an earlier appointment, but it was at the office in the hospital - so we were looking at extra fees. The office we were supposed to see was a seperate medical building...so we would only have the Perinatal fee -- but, because this location was inside the hospital facilities, we'd have the Perinatal fee AND a hospital fee. I thanked her for the information - it was good to know because extra costs were a concern.. but I then said, "In any other case, I'd appreciate not going and paying more - however, in this case, let me tell you where I"m coming from... I would drive an hour and take out a new credit card if it meant getting in earlier.. ok?"  She completely understood, told me she'd check into it, and called back within an hour with an appointment on Monday. It was Friday afternoon -- wahoo! Only had to wait 3 measley days. That was SO much better than waiting a month.

What I didn't realize, is, that no matter how soon my appointment would come, a 3 day weekend can actually be 5 million years. I think Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the 3 absolute SLOWEST days of my life... they were dragging and my nerves were getting worse and worse.

Luckily, I have the greatest husband in the world - so when I awoke on Friday, he was still there! He had decided to not go to work that day considering our news from the day before, and just have a family day with the kids and me. He got up and took us all to the Zoo... we saw animals, rode the rides, and got a treat... and that helped pass the day. 

Saturday, I honestly cannot even remember what we did - isn't that awful? It was only 4 days ago - and I have no recollection of what we did. I know we cleaned house... I believe we went to the pool some.. but other than that, I do not remember.

Sunday was Kaitlin's ballet dress rehearsal and recital - thank goodness for that because it also took up the whole day. Nonetheless, even with a "busy" weekend, it definitely took 5 million years to get to Monday.

 When I finally went upstairs to go to bed on Sunday night - there was a relief that the VERY next day was our appointment.. what I had been waiting 5 million years to get to... and then I realized as I lay there with complete insomnia... that this very night would in and of itself also be 5 million years long.

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