Face of hope

Face of hope
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cranial Vault Reconstruction Night #1 - Restless

The title pretty much describes Meagan's night.  She was fairly comfortable, but pretty restless through the night.  She fussed here and there, and wimpered.  At one point when she seemed more alert, I decided to try and see if she would eat since she hadn't yet.  She was so uncomfortable, I didn't want to move her, so I tried a bottle first.  After running it across her lips a few times, she took a sip out of it.  She continued to sip slowly and break in between and was able to finish 2 ounces.

Around 2am, Meagan woke up again seemingly uncomfortable.  She had no covers on, so I went over to comfort her and rub her leg. It was hot! The nurse took her temp and it was 101.  She gave Meagan some Tylenol and then I picked her up and nursed her.  She would sip and wimper like on the bottle, but at least she was nursing.  She nursed for about 20 minutes.  We cuddled a little bit and then I put her back in the crib.  

Around 3:30 the nurse came back by to change out her antibiotics.  Meagan still felt hot so she took her temperature.  It had gone up a little bit even with the Tylenol, so they are going to re-assess the fever this morning and talk with the doctor about giving her something else to help bring the fever down and make Meagan more comfortable.  

I finally went to sleep around 5:30am... I was up by 6:30am because it was time for Meagan to eat.  She nursed very slowly for about 25 minutes and then passed out again.  I put her back in her crib, and let her rest.  

Hopefully today goes smoothly.  The nurses said we'll monitor the fever closely and hopefully it improves today. We will also find out if Meagan can be stepped down to the Neuro unit or if she has to stay here in the ICU another night.  


  1. I just saw a post yesterday asking for prayers for Meagan on the Catholic Curriculum Swap page on Facebook. Last night I came to the blog and read all about your brave girl. I am glad that the surgery is over but I know this is a very tough time for you all and I am keeping you in prayer. I have an 8 year old with severe autism and we had to have a ton of dental work done for him recently under general anesthesia. My heart just broke when he came out of surgery because he was sooo uncomfortable and didn't understand why he was there. It was only a small procedure especially compared to what Meagan has gone through this week, but I know how difficult it was for us. It is very hard to see your child suffer. You are a strong family and this will pass, but in the meantime know that many are thinking of and praying for you. Give that amazing girl of yours a kiss for me! I hope her fever goes down and she can get some comfort today.

    1. Thank you so much! She is an amazing little girl. We are so thankful to God for giving her to us!! :)

  2. I found your blog through a couple of friends on Facebook. Will be praying for your sweet baby and your family!! What an amazing little girl Meagan is! Prayers for her recovery!