Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let's Face It......

....... was I really going to make it a week with no blog post??  Probably not.  Those who know me, know that I talk. A lot.  I never used to as a child. I was really shy... matter of fact, I was so shy I believe a little girl introduced herself to me in Kindergarten, and my response was to turn around and stand with my back to her. If someone asked me for a pencil in grade school, I turned about 5 different shades of red out of embarrassment.  As I got through high school, all that changed.... and now my dad complains that I don't STOP talking.

The weather is 'starting' to give hints of Fall time, and it's not quite as hot and humid.  The week is so busy with school, carpools, dance, Lacrosse, music lessons, Brian's work, and my teaching, that sometimes we don't get time to just go do "nothing" together as a family.  Brian and I decided to take the girls out to walk around this afternoon.... no particular reason or purpose, but to just get some time together.  We thought it would be a nice few hours to get outside, window shop a little at an outdoor town center,  and then take the girls to dinner (we have had so many generous people in our parish and in our family and friends who have given us gift cards to take a "night off" from cooking.  It was so thoughtful and we appreciate it greatly!).

Once we arrived, the girls got out of the car with Brian and I put Meagan in her stroller.   As I was strapping her in, I heard a lady's voice say to Brian (who was waiting up on the sidewalk with the older girls), "Oh wow, are these all your pretty girls?"  Brian answered yes, and said he also had one more who was getting out of the car.  At this time, I rolled up to the sidewalk with Meagan.  The lady looked over and said "Oh wow, 5 girls! And she's beautiful!"  I said thank you.  We chatted for a minute or so with this lady and her friends.  One of the women then happened to look over at Meagan again. Her eyes opened a bit wider, and she said "Oh dear, what did she do to her poor little head?"  We explained that she had just had surgery last week...and when the woman asked more detailed questions about Meagan's head, prognosis, and condition, we answered honestly.  After the conversation, the lady then turned to our other girls and said "Now, which one of you is this sweet baby's favorite sister? I bet you all are!"  The girls giggled.  As we were then preparing to get on with our walk, the lady said "Well they are all just gorgeous. What a blessed family you have!"

I'm pretty sure, because I do believe things happen for a reason, that God 'set up' this encounter today.  I don't think it was random.   The conversation with the women was so uplifting, enjoyable, and refreshing.... a total 180 from yesterday.  What a difference a day makes!


  1. Yay!! This makes my heart smile!

  2. What a welcome change from your previous encounter!

  3. Yes, it was a God-thing for sure. Beautiful story! So blessed!
    Love, Karen & David