Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cranial Vault Reconstruction - Big News on Recovery Day 4!

Dr. R already made rounds this morning.  He looked at Meagan's head and thought everything was healing beautifully.  Here is what his orders were this morning:

1. Try to let Meagan continue to wake up and become interested in her surroundings again. Prop her upright when I can. Tylenol or Motrin for any pain.

2. Wash Meagan's hair with baby soap and clean water.  Soft spots all look palpable, so no reason for another CT scan and we will leave the shunt setting where it is for now.

3. Take her loot, and get outta here! Dr. R said there is no need for her to stay here and get stuck all the time..we can do all her care at home. I. Love. Our. Neurosurgeon!!!



  1. Safe travels and continued prayers for sweet Meagan. For your whole family as well. What a wonderful First Friday Blessing!

  2. So happy he trusts she is in good care at home, where she will be most comfortable. God is so good! Many prayers for a safe and joyful recovery for sweet Meagan, And Molly, you are amazing <3

  3. Wowee!!! You got to go home!!! And she looks so much better in the pictures from this morning. What wonderful news. I know you will all be so much more comfy at home. Looking forward to more great news about Miss Meagan!