Face of hope

Face of hope
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ok...revert to 'worry mode'

Last night I felt really weird/shaky/not myself.. thought I was just tired so I went to bed. I woke up today feeling the same.  It's very hard to explain.. but it's not dizziness like in early pregnancy.. but not jittery... it's just a very strange feeling I had.... so I called.. better safe than sorry with Meagan especially at 33 weeks. They told me to go right to Triage to be monitored at the hospital.   I checked in, got on the monitors.. and they could NOT find Meagan's heartbeat. She was moving like crazy, but they couldn't get a good rate on her. Finally they were able to, but it literally took 4-5 nurses to come in minutes after each other to get her on the monitor well enough. Every time they'd get her on the monitor, her heart rate would either disappear or go crazy.  They shifted me around on my sides/sitting up... my left side was ok.  But if I sat up or went on my right side, she would get decels in her heart rate.
Finally when I was feeling better, they were just about to release me when I started to have a lot of stomach pain - on my left side and into my lower belly. The nurse came in, and I complained about it (and I have a high pain tolerance).. and she said "yes, you are having contractions.. I was wondering if you were going to say anything"... so they watched me for the next 5 hours.  I barely dilated (not even 1cm) and contrctions were about 5-15min apart, depending. Meagan was still going NUTTY inside.. her heartrate was 129.. but then it would drop to the 70s.. then shoot to 205.. then back to 129 for a while.. then the same pattern whenever there was a contraction..etc.

Not sure how he found out, but, our Pastor showed up as well. I think he was trying to make good on the grief he gave us about not Baptizing/Confirming Meagan.  It was hard to see him, but I kept having to remind myself he is just the vessel - that God was the one truly there with us.  The Pastor went ahead and administered the Annointing of the Sick and then heard my Confession.  He stayed with us for a while until it looked like we were going to go home.  He gave Brian his cell phone number so we can contact him quickly when Meagan comes.  He said he already has his kit ready with the water and chrism. Yep, he better have that prepared all right.

Finally around 6pm tonight, the doctor looked over Meagan's readings on the monitor.  She felt her heartrate was steady enough and that the fluctuations weren't anything to worry about at that point because they had enough times where she was holding steady.. I was still contracting but they sent me home. They told me to call back if they get worse, or I have pain.

So what now? Just wait it out? I'm 33 weeks today.. as of two weeks ago, her head size was almost full term so I have no clue honestly what it is now. I'm still having contractions tonight, but they are the same as earlier. The only "new" thing is some lower back cramping/pain, but nothing awful.  My biggest fear is that she can't block the cervix well and I worry about cord prolapse.  I've just never had contractions this early with my other 4 kids.. and certainly none that have stuck around this long.  It is currently 10:30pm and I've been feeling the contractions since 2pm. Of course now, the events of today make me worry about Meagan 500% more... Sigh...


  1. I hate that you have this new worry. I can relate to your strange feelings. During my pregnancy - especially with my Christopher - I felt like my body was telling my something. And at 32 weeks my water broke and he had miconium (sp?). His cord was in a knot and the placenta was Swiss cheese. He was ready and God knew now was the time. I will pray that your doctors make the best decision for you and your sweet Meagan. Don't hesitate to head right back to L&D. You know what's best for your baby girl. Prayers and I'll also mention this to good old St. Gerard!

  2. Oh sweet friend, hang in there and let's get Meagan stabilized and ready to join her family! I will be praying! HUGS!