Face of hope

Face of hope
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Monday, August 15, 2011

C-section news

I must say - besides the other Hydro moms I"ve met (who are WONDERFUL and a wealth of information), and others I have talked to about c-sections, I am SO blessed to have my dear friend, whom I am very close to, already have had several c-sections.  It is nice to have that "extra bond" with her as a friend, yet gain so much knowledge from her experiences about the surgery.

We had a "teleconference" the other night between her, her husband, and my husband and me.  She went through EVERYTHING - the ins, the outs, the ups, the downs, all the recovery points, what to expect, what to not expect, and everything in between.  She and her husband were a wealth of knowledge and a GREAT help.  Brian and I feel SO prepared now for the c-section. We know a lot of good questions to ask my OB now .. instead of being hit with them on actual delivery day or afterwards. And since Hydro is such an "up in the air" diagnosis, all this extra prep surrounding the surgery and delivery has been a huge calming experience.

It's a bit awkward coming off of 4 "super - easy" regular births because I know this will be not only a very different delivery method.. but also such a different experience following delivery as far as not being able to immediately hold, feed, and care for my baby.  It's double the stress - definitely. I wasn't 'afraid' of the c-section, as much as I've been "spoiled" with 4 great deliveries, so it is more anxiety about the unknown.

Talking to my good friend about all of this, who is also one of my daughter's Godmothers, really helped us. We feel so much more calm about the situation, and so much more in control... in a diagnosis that robs a lot of that feeling. I'm normally the one that manages the family - I have control of all things.. I'm the "planner" ... and it was a great help to hear from personal experience how to pass this type of responsibility on to Brian.  My friend and I are extremely similar in how we function and run our families, so it was a true "first hand" experience I can directly relate to and she was able to guide me in every aspect so that Brian can really take charge on delivery day since I cannot be in that role.

  And how lucky are we to live when they have the technology available to deliver babies a different way.  I realize c-sections are not ideal for lots of people - however, people who do have babies with problems, or if an emergency arises, or if they deliver large babies that are incompatible with a normal birth.... we should thank God we have this method of delivery available.  Without it, lots of babies would be in more danger, or possibly damage themselves or the mother and outcomes may not be as pleasant.  Without it, our Meagan wouldn't have a chance. 

So, thinking about everything together, I think a good lesson in all of this is to remember that in the end, whether we deliver "naturally", with medication, or through c-section... we are all mothers.. and the end goal is always the same.  To have our sweet babies as safely as possible and be thankful they are in our arms.

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