Face of hope

Face of hope
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Vacancy

Ok I am seriously curious as to what Meagan's measurements are this coming week.  I feel so full.  I feel like I did with the other 4 kids.. but at about 38 weeks ... and I'm only just 30 weeks!  It's the craziest feeling because it's not like I haven't felt it before ... but to feel this way.. this early is all new to me!

Sometimes I feel like she is in a very very strange position - almost pushing up my ribs and out sideways.  I don't feel her as much downward, like I did with my other kids at this point. 

I am at the point now where I cannot even bring myself to eat much, if any, dinner.  I will snack in the afternoon on small snacks, or have a small snack at dinnertime for my "dinner"... but I most definitely cannot fathom eating a meal at night anymore! There is just NO vacancy.. for any food at night. At all.

I still feel her moving around, which is good - but the movements are definitely different.  She doesn't 'morph' my stomach as much as my other kids did - probably because she is lacking in room.  It's gotta be tough having a 30 week body but a 33 week head. She is probably getting uncomfortable too.  She does get the hiccups a lot though. Which is always an interesting experience.

I sit here and think I have a whole 8 WEEKS until my csection -- I just don't know where she or I will grow to accomodate her over that time! It seems like I'm pretty much maxed out already! Such a crazy feeling.

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  1. Take care of yourself and your little Angel! I know you all are beyond excited! Have a blessed day and I am praying for all of you! HUGS!