Face of hope

Face of hope
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sarah Strong

I know I said I wasn't updating the blog daily, but this is important.

I have mentioned other Hydro families on here before, and Sarah's family is one of them. As you recall when we make trips to Ohio we see her and her two girls, one of which is also named Meghan and who also has Hydrocephalus like our Meagan.  (You can read all about Meghan's story and Sarah's fight here on their family blog: http://jascawleyfamily.blogspot.com)

Sarah is an absolute joy, a true friend, and a spiritual and honest soul who works hard, prays hard, and fights hard for her little girl, Meghan.

Well Sarah is having to fight a little harder these days.  Sarah is now also battling breast cancer......


Summertime is a time for fun, joy, and hanging out with family.  It's also a time to get that new tshirt or tank top to soak in the warm weather. Well this summer, I would ask you to skip all the mainstream stores and instead get a shirt here:


All donations from the shirts go to Sarah and her family to help her in her fight.  Being a Hydro mama myself I get how stressful it is both emotionally and financially to have a child with challenges, but I cannot imagine having another battle on top of it all.  Sarah is an amazingly strong, faith filled person....I have no doubt she will kick this cancer.... but in the meantime, get out a mere $28, order a tshirt, and show her some love.

 Just do it. She does it everyday.

We love you Sarah!

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