Face of hope

Face of hope
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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Rock

To make it work in our family, I do a lot.  Pretty much everything at home...the running around...the balancing stress of medical bills.....the daily routines of baths, clothes, feedings, education, consoling, disciplining, and loving.  But there is one big reason I am able to do all that - my husband.

Brian and I met at Xavier University where we were both attending college.  We lived on the same floor of the dorm and became friends with the same people. I first noticed him because he was a nice looking guy and always really funny.  He always seemed to have fun and truly care about people, and he was one of the few guys I knew who I would see at Mass every week - which was a very attractive quality.  After a few years of being friends and hinting around at going on a date, we finally did in February of 2000.... and the rest is history.

The two of us on Graduation Day

Brian is the best dad ever.  I know that sounds very cliche, but, it's the truth.  He has a very tough and stressful work environment - yet he still manages to balance it when we need him most.  He never loses sight of what is important, and he is always there for our girls.

If I am at my wits end and need a break, he's the first one to offer to stay with the girls so I can have a little "girl time" with my good friends... if I am dealing with a tough situation he is the first one to stand with me and help me through it.... if we are struggling as a family, his quick wit and sense of humor make all our troubles seem like distant nothings.

Brian is very talented at focusing on each girls' particular need, and making them feel like he is right there at all times.  He helps Reilly get pumped up for dance and basketball... he wrestles with Kaitlin to help harness her bounding energy....he snuggles with Anna to temper her super sensitive emotions....he talks to Maura to help open up her little preschool world....and he engages with Meagan to help her continue to grow, flourish and feel loved.

Always willing to be silly for his girls

Today is Brian's birthday.  I felt compelled to write this because our whole family "is" because of who Brian is.  He is our advocate, our friend, and our rock.  Brian, your intelligence, quick sense of humor, and love for all make it a true blessing to have you in our lives.  God sure knew what he was doing when he saw what was ahead and chose you to stand by me through it all.  Happy Birthday - and don't ever change. Love you!!

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