Face of hope

Face of hope
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Make Everyday A New Year

This week, my parents were here visiting and my dad was working with Meagan on playing "Peek - A - Boo."  She got it after a few times and started lifting her own blanket. Again and again they would play, and every time, no matter if it was the 5th or 100th time, Meagan would smile and giggle with pride as she did it all by herself. There was no boredom and no monotony.  Every experience with Peek A Boo was like a new experience and brought joy and smiles to her face.

I know many of us hear from family or friends, or even from ourselves, a statement of New Years Resolutions. I have made them in the past, even last year. Typically the resolution - the firm decision to do something or not do something - has something to do with the way we live our lives, or act, or follow through with things we know are important.  It's a great gesture to think more positively, to do better the things we should be doing, or to get a jump start on the new year.  But watching Meagan's repetitive joy got me thinking...... why do we only talk about resolutions on New Years Eve?

While Meagan slept today, I wondered... what would her New Years resolution be? Would it be to babble more? To sit up unassisted? To crawl? To drink from a cup? Then, she woke up from her nap and looked at me.  And the first thing she did was clap.  What an amazing attitude my little girl seems to have.  All she has gone through and has going on... and the first thing she did when waking up was to clap.  I then knew... none of those things I listed above would be her resolution. Perhaps good goals... but those weren't what was important for 2013.  I imagine instead, Meagan's resolution would be to keep her bubbly attitude... waking up happy, enjoying life, and taking in all the great things around her. It would be to just keep going....keep trying... and keep being her best self.

After seeing Meagan wake up so happy, I thought, if I had to make a New Years resolution this year, it would simply be to do what I am already doing -  just try to do it a little better..but do it everyday. And if I fall short one day, to not wait until the next New Years.  It would have to be my everyday resolution.  If I don't wake up everyday and have the positive attitude to try and do better, I'm failing myself as a person, my kids as a mom, and my God as a humble believer.

This New Year, I will challenge myself to not live up to a one time resolution. I instead challenge myself to just do better everyday.  Keep being myself, keep standing strong, and rest... not in a literal sense, but to rest in each moment to be sure I am fully enjoying the gifts God has given me.  

What tomorrow brings is always a mystery.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad - so I need to be sure everyday I am living out my resolution to the fullest. Does this mean I can't have bad days? No.  Does this mean I'm going to wake up clapping? Also, no. ( I'd probably get a few curious looks. :) ) But it does mean that I can feel that way inside.  I can hold dear those who positively influence my life, and ignore those who don't. I can be comfortable in the times I know I'm doing right by my character and my family, even when others think differently.  I can grasp onto the moments that are life with my family and friends - just as Meagan does daily - and resolve to make everyday a New Year.

Happy New Year from Meggy and her family!


  1. I was wondering if Meagan has caringbridge website? Or do you just post on the blog? My mom and I use carding ridge a lot to keep people up to date and I was hoping that if you did have one you could post the link. I don't know if you keep in contact with others who have hydrocephalus or not but in case you are interested my caring bridge is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/hopeandholly
    You are an excellent writer by the way and if you could let me know if you have one that would be great; if not I will just continue reading the blog. I have never met Meagan and I doubt I ever will but I want you to know that based on everything you write she is so brave and so sweet. And I hope things are getting better since her cranial expansion. Happy new year to your whole family!

  2. Holly - we do have a lot of online Hydro buddies including several families in our local area, which is wonderful. She does not have a caringbridge site.. I keep everything here on the blog - I kind of "marry" Meagan's updates, family events, and times I need to vent or write into this one forum.

  3. Thank you for such an important reminder!