Face of hope

Face of hope
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Darn

One of the many blessings of Meagan's diagnosis (yes, blessings.. I like to think positive)... is that we met a great family who lives very near to us.  Their daughter is about 8 months older than Meagan.  I've posted about her here before - her name is Claire.  Their family has been an immense blessing to us - constant support, information, laughter, and friendship. They are a beautiful family and have taught us very well how to be fighters for Meagan and her care.

Well this flu season has just been nasty so far, and poor Claire is in Children's Hospital for some fluids and treatment for her bad congestion.  It may seem trivial to some, but, with all these kids go through, sometimes the most common ailments can just be down right yucky.  Meagan loves her friend very much and would like to ask everyone to send up a little prayer for Claire that she may recover quickly from the nasty old bug bothering her, and that she is well and comfortable soon enough to get home for Christmas!!

Meagan sends her hugs and love Claire Bear.  We hope you get well VERY soon!! xoxo

You can follow Claire's blog here:

***** UPDATE: Claire is home.. you can read their update here as they post it:  www.prayersforclaire.blogspot.com

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