Face of hope

Face of hope
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Playground 101

Last Sunday, we decided to do something fun with the kids.  It wasn't bitterly cold, and the rain had subsided- a typical cool breezy Fall day.  We figured we'd better take advantage of it. What a better way to celebrate Veterans Day than enjoy our freedoms and do something as a family.  Brian and I suggested going to the playground after Mass... if everyone behaved. 

When we arrived, there were a lot of baseball games going on ... I figured it would be crowded but surprisingly we were the only ones on the playground equipment.  I put Meagan in her stroller and we all walked over to the park.  The kids were playing and having a great time when Reilly said "Hey mom, when did I first go on a slide?"  I told her "15 months old.. and you hated it!"  She giggled and said "Well, Meagan is almost that old.  Can I take her on the slide?"  I thought to myself - why not? I'd honestly never thought of it.  I usually had Meagan in the stroller because I needed to be mobile to keep track of the four older kids... but this time Brian was with us, so I had another set of eyes.  I took Meagan out of the stroller and gave her to Reilly .. and off they went!

Anna wanted a turn next, so she took Meagan on the smaller slide.  I'm not sure if Meagan liked it, but she seemed content with her sister.  And I'd love to know what Anna was thinking in this picture.

Since Meagan had gone on both of the slides, Kaitlin wanted something different to do.  There happened to be a big grid of red cylinders that turned around and had large printed numbers on them in black ink.  Red and black - perfect! Two of Meagan's favorite colors to look at.  Kaitlin sat with Meagan for a bit showing her the fun numbers.

Soon, Maura noticed her sisters holding Meagan. She wanted to play with Meagan too. I asked her what she wanted to show Meagan on the playground.... another slide, the bridge, the walkways ...?  Of course, instead, she wanted to take Meagan up the big climbing tower made of bars - um.......no Maura. So she settled for a self portrait. :)

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