Face of hope

Face of hope
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

God and Country

As we all know, Veteran's Day is November 11th.  This is a day we recognize and thank those who have served and are serving our country to protect us and keep us safe.  I know it is nowhere near a parallel, but everything we have been through with Meagan this year got me thinking about the intensity of the sacrifice our military makes each day for all of us.

To say it has been a fight from the beginning of Meagan's existence would be an understatement.  The fight against termination suggestions, the fight to get her here when it was in her best interest, the many fights in the NICU to mother my child the way I saw best, while balancing that with the excellent care the doctors could provide, the fight with doctors and specialists to listen to me, the fight Meagan has to endure everyday to grow and be her best self.  But...of course I will fight for my daughter.  She is my child; my blood; my life.  It was and still is absolutely exhausting, but all of this fight came naturally to me - I am her mother. Think about the commitment our servicemen and women have to make.

Our Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen choose to endure tough training, long deployments, be away from their families and literally put their lives on the line to fight.....for people most of whom are complete strangers.  What an amazing show of strength and selflessness it takes to take up such a responsibility.  Many of us have family members in the military, but even so, as a whole, those in the service say "yes" to protect people they have never even met, may not agree with, and even those who may not fully appreciate what they do.

Being the granddaughter of an Air Force officer, the daughter of a Naval officer, and the sister of a Recon Marine, Veteran's Day has an intensely special meaning.  I feel next to instilling our Catholic faith in our children, the next most important gift I can give them is the true understanding of what a gift it is to be an American. It is a gift from God, a gift from our Founding Fathers, and is a never ending gift from all those who serve everyday to make sure that promise stays true.

When you order that Starbucks coffee, drive safely to your place of employment, walk your child to the bus stop, or freely enter your church, stop and remember why you are able to do those things.  We truly are one nation, under God  - only He has the power to give those who serve this nation the purpose and conviction to do what they do each day.

Remember that there may be a mom or dad somewhere who is away from their child so they can fight for yours.  Remember that there may be a child somewhere whose dad is missing her father-daughter dance so you can take your daughter to her dance.   Remember that freedom isn't free - and our veterans deserve much more than a day.  They deserve our gratitude, our respect, and our continued support everyday, of every month of every year.  And the only way that continues to happen is with us.  It is our responsibility as the beneficiaries of their sacrifice to educate our children properly, reach out and support veterans in any way we can, and encourage our own family members to serve others as selflessly as our Veterans have and continue to do.

So this weekend,  Meagan and family join many others as we say "THANK YOU" to our Veterans. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed - may God bless you all and may our country never waiver in gratitude.

Happy Veteran's Day

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