Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Friday, November 16, 2012

Just Because

There are really no words or grand conclusions needed for this post.  The bond between Meagan and her sisters is intense.  And what they do for her in turn, is always selfless.  I happen to catch Maura, the one directly above Meagan in age, and Reilly, my oldest, just being who they are with their baby sister.  The videos speak for themselves.   I love all my girls. Just because.


  1. I love these videos! I have a little girl in my preK class...her older (by 2.5 years) sister has Down's Syndrome. She talks about her sister everyday...great stories of playing together, sharing a room and things they do. It's her favorite person in the world (well, maybe besides me..LOL). I know very soon she will realize she has bypassed her sister in many things, but she will always be her older sister. I just love it!

    1. That is so sweet!! I'm so thankful everyday for Meggy's sisters. I just know no matter how things turn out they are the greatest relationships she will ever have! :)