Face of hope

Face of hope
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Friday, August 17, 2012


So the week started off kind of "iffy" for Meagan.  She had been doing pretty well, but she started to have bouts of irritability that would come and go everyday.  She looked so sad.


She started to grab her ears, hit her head, and grab her shunt.  And she would do this repeatedly.

She actually started hitting her head so often,  I got concerned something was bothering her ... maybe with her shunt, or it was some sort of pressure issue.  My Megs, who is normally very "smiley on demand" (as those who have met her personally will attest to) was not even close to herself.

Wednesday, we met friends after the first day of school.  Even my good friend Lori commented that Meagan seemed "off" and very unhappy. Meagan continued this way through Wednesday evening.  Then, Thursday morning, I saw that all familiar look in her eyes. Seizure time.  40 minutes from start to end.  Way too long.  She passed out afterwards.

I was getting concerned something was wrong.  She just wasn't happy. She wasn't herself.

 But then today, Meagan seemed a little more happy.  She slept for 14 hours.  She woke up, nursed, and went back to sleep for most of the morning.  Upon waking again, she was actually cooing again... no... make that YELLING.  Making her presence known.  She started to give slight smiles again and bat at her toys.   Then, tonight, I was folding laundry in my room.  Kaitlin was playing with Meagan in her nap nanny... giving her toys, and letting Meagan reach for her hands.   Kaitlin ran into my room after a few minutes and said "Mommy, I was playing with Meagan and something hurt my hand! I think she bit me!"

Bit her? That was strange, I thought. But then it hit me....  I went to check on Meagan.  I put my hand lightly along her bottom gums and said... AHA! I think I found the culprit! :)

So, officially, at 11 months old, Meagan has her FIRST TWO BOTTOM TEETH!!!!! They have finally cut through her gums!  I'm hoping this was the cause of her discomfort this week.   I am not 100% sure... but in the name of staying positive,  we are going to go with teeth!!

So excited to celebrate this first for her!  Go Megs! :)

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  1. Yayyy Meagan! They are cute little toofers for sure. My Eden, at 13 months just cut her first bottom tooth this week too.