Face of hope

Face of hope
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

God Will Provide

It's funny how things work out.  It always seems really great times cluster together, as do really trying times.  The past week, this has what's happened:

- Dudley was diagnosed with slow moving liver disease, requiring blood tests and xrays every 3 months to make sure we are on top of his health. (Yes, he is our dog. But he is an integral part of our family, including his ability to stand over Meagan when she is about to seize, so we will by all means do what we can to prolong his health).
- Meagan's seizures have picked up suddenly.  She's also doing something new we need to call the Neuro about and get it checked.
- Babies Can't Wait (the program Meagan automatically qualifies for to get therapy services from birth to 3 years old) still cannot provide her with the proper services she needs... hence, we must continue to go private and exhaust our insurance
- We are in a battle with some of the medical providers over them choosing to not honor the charity system at Children's Hospital, even though they serviced Meagan at that facility.
- Brian's car sounds like his brakes are going, which means more money we don't have going to the car.
- We saw water leaking in our garage, and upon investigation, realized our whole kitchen sink/pipe system is completely faulty with several leaks.  The whole cabinet underneath is soaked and will need replacement, as will several of the floor tiles.
- I had to deal with an unfortunate circumstance where someone chose to act immaturely rather than responsibly, thereby throwing me in the middle of a situation I did not need nor deserved.
- Now that Meagan's surgery is just over a week away, I am starting to feel the stress of the anesthesia (she has not come out of it well in the past) , and anxiety about her recovery. I am also feeling stressed about missing out on my other girls for a week because although they understand to the best of their ability for their age, they also deserve my attention and presence.

While I absolutely agree others have worse circumstances, for us personally, I was honestly feeling pretty defeated this week.  I'm normally an extremely positive person, but the unexpected emotional turmoil on top of the financial stress started to get to me.  But then I remembered something someone had told me a long time ago.. "God will provide."  I kept repeating this to myself, and I would tell God every night "I trust in you."

Today was like any other ... wake up, try to catch up on chores around the house, spend time with the kids, work with Meagan...etc....before heading to evening Mass.  Brian was out doing the yard, and I was inside getting other stuff finished when I heard the doorbell.  I went downstairs to see who it was - and there stood Kaitlin.  My first reaction was frustration because I had just put Meagan down to sleep, and our other outside door was already open for her to easily come and go.  She could have come in that way without making any noise.  But, she rang the doorbell again, so I went ahead and opened the front door.  Kaitiln said "Mom! I got your mail!" in an excited tone.  I thanked her for getting the mail and closed the door.  I walked towards the kitchen and sifted through the envelopes.  I came across one that seemed like a personal card.  I put the other mail down, and opened the card.  Inside, I found a heartfelt inspiring note, and also a check.  I was absolutely speechless. Surprised. Frozen. The check would cover a lot of the expenses I had been stressing about... and the genuine words in the card lifted my spirits from all the emotional stress of the week. Now I know why God had made Kaitlin come to my closed door, instead of the obvious open one - because to come to my closed door, she had to ring the doorbell. He was trying to give me a "sign" that He was hearing my prayer, and was present with me through it all. God was getting my attention.

I started to think back on my "bad" week.  I started to think about the many times I had gone to bed in prayer, and trusting that God would somehow reach out to me.  Then I realized... He does. 

There was a reason that on this day, at the end of this week, I was supposed to receive this card.  This was God's way of telling me "I listen. I am here for you."  I felt such a peace at Mass tonight, and so thankful God has such wonderful people to work through.

So if things seem really tough, or you are having a down week (which everyone is allowed to have), just pray. Pray and trust. Know He does hear what you say...  He will take care of you through people around you who truly have your best interest at heart.  I want to say a heartfelt thank you to those who sent the card I received today.  It was perfect timing... I know God was nudging your heart, and soothing mine, all at the same time.

I now enter this new week with lifted spirits and a great outlook.  I am happy.  I know we are a great family, and we are doing the best we can.  I know we are good people,  love each other, and love our faith.  And I know because of all those things, God will provide. 


  1. What a wonderful affirmation of faith, Molly. And so beautifully written!

  2. This was so great to read. I have tears in my eyes!

  3. Sometimes we need a little encouragement in the form of a "sign". Sorry things have been tough lately.