Face of hope

Face of hope
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day!

The big girls had their first day of school yesterday. Reilly was very excited to enter 2nd grade because she finally got to use a backpack.

Kaitlin was very excited because she was going to the "big school" for the first time. She got to wear Reilly's old uniform.

It was quite funny watching both of them get ready in the morning.  Reilly was "old hat" at this. She was excited to get back, see her friends, and be with a new teacher.  Kaitlin was excited, but also apprehensive.  She had that "happy nervous" about her that only happens on your first day of Kindergarten, or your first day of high school. Kaitlin also copied everything Reilly did in the morning.  The way she tied her shoes, the way she ate her breakfast, and the way she did her hair.  Reilly leaned down at one point to pick something up, and upon standing, fluffed back out her skirt.  I watched Kaitlin, and when Reilly started to fluff her skirt, Kaitlin started to also straighten hers out.... for no reason other than she'd seen Reilly do it. 

HAD to have the same hair

They both had an excellent first day.  Kaitlin told me she talked to her teacher and told her she did Irish Dancing.  Reilly let me know she told the class she had seven people in her family.  We must sound like quite a bunch to those that don't really know us!

One mom messaged me later in the day and told me that the girls were so cute at carpool.  She said not once did the girls let go of each others' hand... and this must be true because when they walked to the car, they were still holding hands. It was the sweetest thing.

So two down, and one to go to preschool next week.  Going to be strange at the Gareau household only having the 2 little ones at home!

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  1. They are beautiful girls and that story is so sweet about them holding hands. I hope they have a great school year.