Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Light of Christ

As we were approaching Meagan's first Easter, something really struck me as we entered Holy Week.... I remember reading:

"There would be no Easter without Good Friday" ...

How true is this statement. Images from "Passion of the Christ" come to mind.... our Lord suffering immensely, being horrendously tortured, and diying a painful death.....yet it was all for a reason.  And probably a reason bigger than we will ever fully comprehend in this world.  All that suffering was so Easter Sunday could happen - so He could live again and give us all the promising gift of new life.

The "Good Friday" statement rang true to me this year more than ever.  While Meagan has had a good streak here recently, and while I am grateful for that, I have also seen her on horrible days. Pictures of those days swirl through my head...and aprehension for the "next bad time" always brings me worry.  But despite the hand Meagan has been dealt, God has shown me this Easter that it is all for a reason as well.  Without her struggles, we wouldn't appreciate her triumphs appropriately.  Through Meagan's suffering, she is also offered new life. 

This Easter, I am filled with joy and gratitude.  What a gift for Christ to give himself for us .... and what a gift Meagan is to our family..... for she is closer to Jesus than anyone I know on this Earth.  She is so pure....she has Christ's light within her daily.

Happy 1st Easter Meagan.  May Christ continue to give you new life and many blessings as you continue to grow.  And may his light shine through you and teach us all what true joy in suffering really is.

Love you.

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