Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Through Meagan's Eyes

Meagan had her follow up today with her Pediatric Eye Surgeon.  He thought her eyes still seemed to be seeing things - but they wander a LOT still.  He said babies after 6 months of age shouldn't have such a problem, so he wants to put Meagan in glasses.  He said she may need surgery to correct her eyes and give them the best chance at good vision - but first he will try glasses.  He said that he wants to try this first because if it works, it means one less surgery.  He said he will know in 1 month if the glasses are working... if they don't, off to eye surgery she will go.

He also wants her wearing a patch - for one hour per day.  We switch eyes everyday... so hopefully this along with the glasses really helps her pull her eyes forward and strengthens them.  Today, when the doctor expressed concern over her keeping the glasses on, the positive thing I thought of was... well, Meagan doens't GRAB yet very well - so maybe the glasses will stay on well and do their job! So, that was a "good" spin to put on everything... and then I thought... "maybe it's a good thing she's not grabbing yet"....

Lastly, as we were waiting in the front for Meagan to be fitted she was getting fussy, so I had picked her up, and propped her facing forward in a sitting position.  I had my left arm close to her body and she comfortably slumped her head over to the left side, over my arm, and rested there.  She stopped fussing.  So I left her like that.  Then I realized there was a big TV and she was staring at the light. 

A woman walked by and looked over at Meagan - she said "Your baby is sideways".... I looked up and said "Excuse me?" ... It was such an odd comment.  Then I realized she was looking down at Meagan....she continued on .."Your baby is sideways - she's falling.  See, her head is falling over to the left..."

The firey Aries in me wanted to snap back "She can't hold her head up yet".... but... I counted a few seconds and realized, the poor woman was probably saying something completely innocently ... and I didn't want to make her feel awful if that was the case.... so giving her the benefit of the doubt, I just smiled and said "Oh, thank you."

I did chuckle on the inside.  I guess this was my first "wake up call" that Meagan is looking older now.  She's still like a newborn to me in her body language...so snuggly....so things like the lady saw don't even cross my mind.  With her sitting on my lap, out of her carseat, it's more apparent she's an older baby, but that she cannot hold herself up, so I guess that will get more "looks" as time goes forward. The confrontational side of me thought maybe I should print out Meagan's medical sheet and just hand it out like a business card... answer nosy questions and spread Hydrocephalus awareness at the same time.  But... after one look into Meagan's calm, reassuring eyes.... then I thought... well, maybe I'll continue to be more charitable, take a breath, smile like I did today.... and let Meagan do all the talking. 


  1. These pictures of Meagan are precious. Hoping you all will make it to the reunion.
    Karen & David

  2. I have almost printed cards MANY times. "Here you go, thank you. Now shut up."