Face of hope

Face of hope
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meagan's Epiphany

Despite the frigid temperatures and the older kids being out of school, Meagan was back to her regular schedule.  She started off the week with her usual PT appointment.  We didn't really know what to expect as we had just arrived home from a visit to our in laws in Florida late the night before.  Everyone was tired, especially Meagan, but I figured she would still be excited to get back into her routine.

Meagan's therapist,  (Ms. M),  came ready to try a few new things, but what we didn't realize is that Meagan was going to show us a few new things instead.  After working on sitting for a while,  Meagan showed interest in Ms. M's phone.  Ms. M slid her phone across the floor so we could continue working with Meagan on her sitting and reaching across to grab toys.... then to our surprise, Meagan pushed her bottom forward and moved about an inch.  She seemed just as surprised as us and seemed to realize "Hey, I can move!  I can get that phone!" Then she reached her long arms out and grabbed the phone. Ms. M then said "I wonder if she will go further...."....After a few minutes, Ms. M  purposefully slid her phone across the floor.  After Meagan sized up the situation, this is what followed:

We were shocked...and surprised.. and happy! My girl was figuring out how to get where she wanted to go.  It was an amazing moment, and we could tell Meagan was also extremely happy. It seemed as if, quite literally overnight (as I have said times before) something else had suddenly "clicked" with Meagan.  She had lived another revealing moment.

Ms. M was very excited at Meagan's new motivation to want to move.  She said it would be the perfect time to start facilitating her arms and knees to build strength and balance.  Meagan absolutely HATES being on her knees or having to be on her belly at all.  But we really need to build her arm strength.  Yes, she pushes forward.  But she will not extend them and weight bear on them in a forward position, which is important for crawling and protecting herself when she falls.  We want to improve this so we can continue to help her move more efficiently with more strength.  We have tried working with Meagan on all fours on the floor, with toys, etc... and every time it ends in screaming, arching and complete refusal on her part.  Some parts of PT are hard of course,  but working on her knees was completely non productive screaming and only made it a bad experience for her. 

Meagan fighting knee time

Ms. M helping show Meagan how she can use her knees

Not a happy Meagan - time for a new plan!

 Then Ms. M had an idea today - what about steps.  She suggested we work on the steps with Meagan to help facilitate her arm and knee movements, but change up the scenery, so to speak, and see if it helped.  Well, there's a reason we love Ms. M... her suggestions are usually right.  She knows Meagan SO well, and much to our surprise, Meagan let Ms. M help her on her knees and work with her several times on the steps.  Meagan would actually clap for herself when resting and when Ms. M made her work again, I could physically see Meagan's body shaking with effort.  I started to realize just how hard Meagan had to literally "try" for every movement.  I was amazed by her spirit.

Today was full of many discoveries and excitements. Having  just celebrated the Ephiphany of our Lord the previous day, the lessons of that feast day were on my mind... there was just no better way to describe the chain of events in therapy - Meagan had certainly had her own epiphany 1 these few things  just all of a sudden made sense to Meagan and she not only put forth effort on her own, but seemed to "get" where this was leading.  It was also an epiphany to me in ways - I realize how far Meagan has come and how far she has to go - but I often forget of the things we see as so simple.  Today on the steps when she was really struggling but kept trying and trying, as I watched her little arms shake and her head become heavy,  I realized the true grit of her will.  No measure of strength I have will match to what I witnessed.  It was amazing to watch and I was so proud of my little 20 pound 2 1/2 year old spitfire for pushing through and finally trying something new.  

Just as our Lord revealed himself to the Magi many years ago, little glimpses of the amazement they must have felt have come through in Meagan's triumphs yesterday.  I don't think this happened by accident - God has His hand in everything, and Meagan doing what she did at that particular time was definitely meant to be.  I cannot wait to see what other epiphanies she has along this journey.  So many things seem to be falling into place right now as far as her grasping on to her potential, and giving her all to reach who she is meant to be....  I think the next several months hold a lot of excitement for Megs - something tells me 2014 is going to finally be her year.  For now, rest sweet girl - you had an amazing day ... we love you.

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