Face of hope

Face of hope
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Anyone who has a house full of kids (especially girls, I might add) always gets a good dose of "drama" throughout the day.  My favorites are really the "non" problems that get made in to 'something' because someone gets 'annoyed.'  I constantly hear "Mom she's looking at me.......Mom she's making an annoying sound .... Mom she's copying me!  Mom, she's STILL copying me!!"  I try to remind the girls that little siblings copy the big ones because they look up to them...they are trying to be like them and that's a huge compliment.  Sometimes that explanation works...sometimes it doesn't. But that's a house full of girls for you.  It's always entertaining around here.   

Is there any doubt these faces could be anything but entertaining?!

Reilly playing peek a boo with Megs between competitions

Anna getting some Meagan snuggles

What the girls may not know is while their sisters copying them is really annoying (I get it... I had a little brother and this was one of our favorite "games" with each other... who could outlast the "copycat" best...), they are actually helping Meagan at the same time.  Everything they do is teaching her something. Even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

Kaitlin "reading" with Meagan

Meagan is in a huge mimicking phase right now.  Ever since she has recovered from her last illness, she is doing great.  She is happy, healthy, and just absolutely loves to be around her sisters.  (Dare I say it...she is doing really well and is finally on a good streak for the first time in months! :) )  She always "played" or smiled around them, but now she wants to copy them.  It's been another "jump" in Meagan's development we have noticed in just the last 3-4 weeks. 

Meagan loves to watch the girls' face, mouth, hands.. and just stare. And stare. And almost study their every move.  Then within a few days, we see her trying to do some of the things she's been watching. At first it's almost robotic - like those newborn baby movements where it still looks like they are underwater. But then within a few weeks, we will just notice one day she 'does it.'  Like it's something she's been doing forever.  

Meagan trying to "jump" like her sisters

I  have to give credit where credit is due.  As much as I can joke around about the times my girls annoy each other (they would get an A+ in Drama), I also have to be fair.  They really are just such good girls.  As with any siblings, there are times where they need space but can't get it... so we get the "mom she's _____ (fill in blank with whatever annoying behavior they are doing at the time)" ... but overall they are so good.  They are sweet to each other and help each other out constantly.  This transcends down to Meagan as well.

Meagan trying "so big" on her own

I always look at my girls in awe each day.  Even the times they are having their "drama moments" I think what a boring life I would have without them.  They are all such blessings, and now with Meagan, I realize their greater purpose.  Meagan has a team of doctors, therapists and specialists.  She has me and she has Brian who try to give her everything each day.  But truly I'm realizing her sisters are her greatest teachers.  Her greatest advocates. And will be her greatest guardians as life goes on. (So don't mess with her or her team will corral around her in a second!)

Kaitlin helping Meagan with a little practice

Maura attempting to dress Meagan (this one is funny..but then again it's Maura)

So now when one of my girls complains someone is "copying them" ... I just turn it around tell them to go show Meagan.  They usually smile and then run off to show her.  And when Meagan starts copying them, they don't mind one bit.

Meagan copying Anna (before whacking her in her loose tooth) haha

God of course is the absolute center of our family's spiritual life.  Meagan, though, certainly grabs the "center of attention" position in this family. But that makes sense to me.  Because she is the most innocent.  She sees things as they are and she has no prejudice about anything or anyone.  She loves with all her heart and sees joy in every situation.  So the fact that she steals the show doesn't surprise me.  If God is at the center of our hearts, it only makes sense Meagan comes in second... she, afterall, is so close to God's heart.  And that joy is the gift she can give my girls in return. 

"Joy is a net of love by which we catch souls..."
--- Blessed Mother Teresa

God's pure joy

 Sometimes being the little sister is exhausting

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