Face of hope

Face of hope
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Monday, July 2, 2012

She's Back!

Ever since Meagan's seizure Wednesday night, she hasn't been herself.  Besides her right side being limp, she also rarely smiled and was extremely quiet.  She slept a lot more and even when looking around, seemed more out of it.  Friday, she seemed more alert, but then in the afternoon, she had two more seizures laying in her crib, and was back to being sleepy.

We left on Saturday morning to go visit Brian's parents in Florida.  She was content the whole trip and didn't even wake to eat (which is not like her)! I did notice, though, that she started to wiggle the fingers and toes on her right side, when she would occasionally stir,  so I figured feeling and movement would soon come back. Our first day at the in laws, I did notice her trying to move her right arm for the first time, but it would just go straight up, and then flop down again. She was still very sleepy and very floppy.  When she was held, she still mostly hung there on her right side.

Chillin with Grandma

Fast forward to this morning, Monday the 2nd.  She woke up smiling, has been cooing louder than a siren, and has been finally kicking her right leg up and down!!  She has moved and bent her right arm, and reached down to grab her left foot.  She is also responding now when I place her favorite toy, her O-ball, in her lap.  She is grabbing it and feeling it with her fingers. She is back to looking around the room, and smacking her lips.  I cannot believe it took from Wednesday night to Monday morning for her to return to 'herself.'  She must have really been knocked out. 

So happy to wake up today, to a beautiful morning in sunny Florida, and see Meagan looking right at me like she normally does.  Dudley even went over to her and gave her a big ol' lick across her face  (eww!).  Welcome back baby! So good to see your happy little self again!

She's Baaaack!!

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