Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Therapy Shmerapy

Yep, the title pretty much sums it up.  The last few days, Meagan has been quite tired! She has been sleeping about 90% of the days and still sleeping at night.  She is nursing more often and seems physically tired.  I'm guessing she's growing because it sure does take a lot of energy for a baby to grow - especially a baby like Meagan! 

Even though she's working hard at her growth spurt, we of course continue on our normal routine. Thursday is therapy day!  We went to PT and there really isn't much to report.  The picture below describes how "successful" PT was today (read with heavy sarcasm). Haha

Meagan would barely open her eyes, almost as if she was just "checking" we were still there and then when she realized Miss Susan was still working her hard, she would close them again.  She smiled but her body was not in to working today at all! Meagan sure has a mind of her own!

So after about 40 minutes of Meagan being completely uninterested in working today, we decided to end early.  In my mind, Meagan was saying "Therapy SHMERAPY! I'm on summer BREAK!" 

Little STINKER! :)

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  1. Haha, so cute. She is probably storing up her energy for all the growing she is about to do. Lol..so cute.