Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eye Follow Up

Meagan had her follow up eye appointment today.  She did very well! They dilated her eyes to check structure.  The doctor said the structure of her eyes looks pretty good.  He also said she is tracking with both eyes and seems to focus with both as well.  She can't focus for long.. she will stare at "larger" things, like streams of light coming from rooms..etc. but as far as toys, once she 'locks on' and tracks it for a second or so, she will shift her eyes, or her head will turn and she will be looking "through" it once again.  The doctor said we'll watch this tendency and hopefully all she needs is time to continue to focus more than a few seconds on smaller items.

The doctor did say that she has severe farsightedness so next month when he sees her, he wants to look at her eyes again and probably put her in GLASSES!  A 6 month old in glasses?!?! How CUTE is that! haha.. I figure ... if she needs them, we'll roll with it and pick out some cute ones!

Outside structure is uneven - which is no surprise... her sutures are uneven too, so of course her facial features will be misaligned.  He said she does have quite a bit of turn in especially in her left eye - it seems to "float" more than the right.  So we're going to watch it and see if it needs any additional help down the road.

So for now we wait until she's officially 6 months old so we can put her in glasses.. and hopefully they "beef up" her vision to make those eye muscles stronger and her vision better.

Also, today for the first time in 3-4 days, she was actually ALERT and awake.  She's been kind of "eh" lately... but today she woke up with a big ol' grin and continued to smile at me as we were waiting to go back for her appointment.

In the waiting room, there was another mom waiting with her 4th grader.  She began to compliment me on Meagan and we started talking.  Meagn became fussy and she asked nicely if she could snuggle Meagan for a few seconds... her "baby" was next to her and in 4th grade and she missed that baby stage!  I of course said, sure! As she came over towards me, the woman asked how old Meagan was... I told her "5 months" ...  But.. without thinking, I forgot to tell her Meagan couldn't hold up her head.  The woman reached down and lifted Meagan up, as you would any baby, and Meagan's head went... FLOP! Straight back.  The woman's eyes said it all - OOPS!  But it wasn't her fault.. it was mine for not telling her to support Meagan's head.  Meagan didn't seem to care one way or the other.. she didn't get upset at all.  So I showed the "Hydro hold," so I call it... (one hand under the butt, and one hand under the base of the head) and snuggled Meagan for a few minutes.

Meagan did calm down... as I listened, I could hear the lady was whispering in her ear "Jesus loves you.. you are a gift".... I just thought that was so sweet.  We talked a bit more about what Hydro is, what Meagan had been through so far, and what some other families go through with Hydrocephalus.  Before we got called back, she thanked me for chatting with her...and then thanked me for choosing life for Meagan.  Not that it was ever a "choice" for me... but I really appreciated her recognition of the hardships moms with special kids go through.  And it was nice to run into a stranger who understood what a miracle any baby is.

So all in all... a great day at the Eye doctor for Meagan!  Now we go onto the Pediatrician tomorrow for another weight check.  Anxious to see if she's chunked out at all!

All smiles today!!!

Biggest one yet!

All tuckered out from a mere eye appointment! haha


  1. She gets more and more beautiful with each post.

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes; so sweet! (I'm from your ff due date group).

  3. Very sweet. Do you ever meet "random" people and realize how un-random they are? Do you ever feel like you just ran into your guardian angel or another amazing soul that God placed right in your path? Sounds like it was one of those days for you and also for the lady that you met.