Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wonder What She's Feeling

Yep.. this picture has pretty much described the last few nights for Miss Meagan.  Not really sure what is up with her -- she does have periods of calm, but, she is a lot more drowsy.  She just seems to be feeling "off" and perhaps a little uncomfortable.  She has been more irritable than calm, won't sleep comfortably even when I hold her, and she is sleeping or fussing more than having alert times.
I'm sure part of it is due to her pressure change in her shunt this past week ... plus she had that cold which now left her with a slightly stuffy nose.  On top of all that, she did just get her 2 month shots 4 days ago, so perhaps all of this together is causing her fussiness and irritability.
Of course, being a Hydro mom, I watch her head circumference, shunt site, and fontanelle like crazy ... her head circumgerence has gone up 2 cm... however, I can't really gauge anything off of that because her shunt flow was slowed - so of course, we expected some circumference growth. Her shunt site also has looked very poofy - again, something I can't freak out about because it is staying relatively squishy, but it is still incredibly swollen with fluid.  However just in the last day, I've noticed that now her fontanelle is a lot more firm than normal.  Certainly not bulging out, but definitely more firm.. where it feels like it 'almost' has a slight pocket pushing outward.  So I'm going to keep watching that.  If it doesn't get more relaxed in the next day or so I'll be calling the NSG for a double check.  I don't want worry too much because it's probably fine... but I also don't want to second guess myself into overlooking a potential problem.

Shunt site

Resting in my arms ... I need to start alternating the sides she sleeps on because you can see her left side  is starting to get larger than her right.  Also, her head growth is apparent in this picture compared to pictures from, say, 3 weeks ago.


  1. Molly, could barometric pressure have anything to do with Molly's fussiness?

  2. I pray Meagan and YOU get some rest:) Have a blessed and peaceful day! HUGS!