Face of hope

Face of hope
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Special Bond

Meagan had several great Hydro friends before she was even born.  The access we had to the Hydrocephalus message boards to help us deal with and sift through Meagan's diagnosis before she was born was invaluable.  We found several wonderful families and continue to talk with them to this day.  Some of them live right here in our local area.  One of these families talked with us at length when I would post questions, and offered several times to talk to us over the phone.  They also gave us advice on doctors and Neuros, as they saw many of the same practices for their daughter. 

Last week, I was checking our Hydro board and saw that this family was back in Children's hospital with their little girl, Claire.  Claire's parents will always hold a special place in my heart because they were there for Brian when Meagan was born.  They made the effort to come and see Brian and Meagan at Children's before Meagan's surgery - when I was still stuck at Kennestone hospital recovering from my c-section. They had their own battles to get through with Claire, yet they still made time to come to the NICU and visit Meagan and Brian.    Brad and Amy, Claire's parents, even came and held Meagan and gave her some love since I could not be there.  They will always be special to me because they were able to give her a little gift of human touch when I could not.

So when I heard Claire was back in the hospital, I knew we had to go see little Claire and tell her to feel better soon!!  I traveled down to Children's and went up to Claire's room.  Unfortunately, I missed seeing Amy because she had to be at work  - but Brad was there with Claire.  I had Meagan with me, and we went into Claire's room.  She was laying in her crib, not feeling too great.  I visited a little while with Brad, and Meagan slept in her carseat.  I had to leave sooner than I would have liked because I had to get Kaitlin from school.  Meagan started to wake up a bit before we left.  I took her out of her seat, and we got a great photo of Claire and Meagan together.  Meagan got to snuggle Claire a little bit and tell her to feel better, and Claire got to give Meagan all kinds of advice since she is new to all of this. 

I would ask everyone to say a little prayer for Miss Claire - that the recent complications she is experiencing from her Hydrocephalus leave her alone, so she can start to feel better soon and is able to go home.  She is such a sweetie pie and so beautiful! And she definitely deserves a break.  Get better soon Claire, and thanks for being Meagan's friend before you even knew her.

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