Face of hope

Face of hope
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Updates Part 2 - Walking Together

Despite our disastrous family dinner out, we had a few good things happen this weekend.  As you all know, Meagan finally got her new AFO's a few weeks ago.  They are similar in that they still go to just below her knee, and they are for the most part still rigid - but the one difference is that the PT had the lab make the back of the AFO's with a hinge so Meagan can now flex and point her ankle joint.  Her new AFO's also have no tread on the bottom so she must wear shoes with them.  The shoes that came with her AFO's are, uh... quite large.  They look even bigger since Megs is such a small kid.  We refer to them lovingly as the Frankenshoes.  Since having Frankenshoes makes it a lot harder for Meagan to walk (because of the sheer weight of them!) we are going to get some much lighter more streamlined shoes to squeeze over her braces.  This should help her a bit in picking up her feet.

A few months ago, we were happy Meagan would finally try her walker.  If you remember, before that we spent about 9 months not even being able to go near it or she would scream. "Walker" was pretty much the secret forbidden word around here so we were very happy when Megs finally warmed up to the idea.  Since that time, we have been working with her by holding her up with a scarf around her waist so she really doesn't have to do "that" much work, but could get what it felt like to use the walker.  We are trying to transition out of that now - taking away some of those things so she gains a little more strength and a little more independence.

 Mrs. M, the PT, decided to start with working on some independent standing.  She stood Meagan up in front of her, got her feet planted securely and slowly let go of Megs.  As soon as her hands were leaving Meagan's sides, Meagan lost it - completely freaking out, crying, and asking me to hold her.  The same thing was happening when we were trying to get her to use the walker on her own.  Crying, or just looking scared and asking for her scarf over and over again.  Understandably, she probably likes our arms or the scarf because it gives her that security she can actually feel - but it was time for her to try it without that assistance so we can start building her stamina.

We finally had some success with this on Monday afternoon! Meagan loves rhythm so the girls had gathered in the living room and were telling Meagan "Let's march... march...march..."  Typically she will clap along and then want to try a little bit.  Well the first attempt didn't go quite as planned.  Introducing Meagan's stubborn side:

After some encouragement and a rest, however, she finally decided to give it a go.  Although no scarf, Reilly held under her arms for security - we don't need a face plant on the front of her head where there is no skull.  Not good!  Step by step Megs tried on her own and made it across our living room! If you notice the girls laughing in the video, it's because they are.  One of Meagan's struggles learning with the walker is how to coordinate.  She doesn't always get she has to pull it along with her.  So in the last week, I have been helping her pull it so it hits her bum, and then she knows it's time to "step, step" forward.  Well the girls hadn't seen this yet.  So, because the walker was hitting Meagan's bum over and over again as she inched forward, it was naturally hilarious to my elementary school age children.  Actually we have found anything having to do with their bums is pretty much the funniest thing on earth.  But hey, we roll with it.  I mean, why not?

Meagan's successful run

Later that same day, Meagan's PT and the representative from the mobility company that made Meagan's wheelchair both came over.  Meagan was measure for her own walker.  Woohoo.  When it comes, she will be able to take it to school and try it in the classroom.  Meagan's PT said if we keep working with her, she feels Meagan will be able to be independent in the house and at school with her walker.  She said for regular walking or longer distances (malls, a campus, stroll down the street, etc.. ) Megs will most likely need some sort of motorized device (wheelchair..etc.) but hey, that is just fine with us. 

So, despite the quite disastrous start to our weekend (or so I thought), it ended up pretty darn good.  Maybe one day, the therapists said, Meagan will be walking together with us.  What they don't know is that she already is.  There's just no other way to take this journey! 

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