Face of hope

Face of hope
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


In general, knots just aren't a very good thing to have.  Knots in your hair - ow.  Knots in your jewelry - a pain.  Knots in your muscles - painful! But I have learned lately that sometimes, knots are a good thing.  

I came across a quote that really spoke to me lately:

“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on. Help is on the way.”

 I think of our path in life as a long rope - it may be straight at times, or may have curves, but there are also times where the rope seems to become severed.  We can see the other side, but have no clue how we will get there.  How do we jump across a path that has been so connected, and then becomes interrupted? How can we make the end of that part of the rope that is cut and frayed stronger so we can pull and stretch to reach the next section of our journey?  Th en I remembered the quote I had seen.  The extreme visualization that comes along with the words was the perfect answer - knots.

 With everything going on in the last several months, not to mention, last several years, I have realized that the little knots that have occured in the straight rope that is our path in life have actually been positive things.  For me, these knots come in many forms.  Physical - the friends that have stepped up to help us get kids from carpool, or the bus, or to and from activities when Meagan has had emergencies. Emotional - friends and family who have called, visited, or written to check up on us and on Megs. And sometimes, those who just ask "how are you?" Financial - that music job that calls up and hires me right when we have a bill due... or the unexpected refund check that arrives in the mail just before our account goes to zero.  Spiritual - the many prayers and special novenas that our faithful family and friends have offered on our behalf and for Meagan's well being and our health as a family.  All of these wonderful strong ties have given us the knots necessary to hang on, and keep moving forward.  All of these knots have proven the ever presence of God and His ability to always look out for us - no matter how that may come about. Help is always on the way with Him. 

I had a friend approach me a little while ago wanting to do a fundraiser for Meagan.  Realizing our situation, I was very tempted to say yes immediately, but, I also am a very stubborn person.  I realized while things were trying, and we were clinging to our "knots," there were also a lot worse things and I couldn't bring myself to agree.  One of my many weaknesses is having a hard time accepting help from others - I consider myself a caregiver and a multitasker - always on top of things... so when help is offered, my first reaction is always "no thank you." 

A few weeks later, and my dear friend asked again - she insisted.  She's as stubborn as I am, so I knew that she wasn't going to back down.  Her persistence made me take a step back and seriously consider it.  Perhaps this was another path God was showing me? Perhaps my stubbornness was actually blocking the next knot that would help us reach the others side.  After much self reflection, and coming to terms with the multitude of frayed areas in our rope, I decided to accept.  I had a twist for her, though.  The only way I would accept her doing a fundraiser for Meagan is if she let a good portion of the proceeds towards a charity of my choice.  She gladly obliged.  The charity I chose is CURE... many of you are familiar with this charity, or at least have heard of me mention it before, but in case you forgot, here is a very telling video:

The fundraiser has been a wonderful opportunity for us to pay it forward and give to other children who don't have the medical access that Meagan does. I'm glad I could think it through and set aside my pride to participate in such a wonderful event.   The funds that will go to CURE Hydrocephalus offer children the life saving surgeries that we have been so lucky to have had for Meagan every time she has an emergency.  The funds to CURE will give children with Meagan's same condition the knots they need to hold on and get to the next part of their journey. 

Some people have asked us why don't we use all the money for our own bills and struggles in caring for Meagan.  It is tempting, don't get me wrong! We all know the relief from getting rid of financial stress.  However, if we can even help one child who needs surgery or treatment, that is going to be a much better feeling from a much better action.  I'm a firm believer in giving more than we have, and taking only what we need.  And even in Meagan's fundraiser, I am staying true to that belief. And I will be stubborn about that. :) 

 We want to extend a heartfelt to all our family, friends, and even strangers that have participated so far.  If you know of anyone who may still be interested, you may pass on the link below. Thank you again to everyone for the knots in our rope - the thoughts, conversations, support, and especially prayers mean so much to us.

  If you aren't interested in the product or Meagan's fundraiser, but would be interested in donating directly to CURE, you can click HERE . 

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

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