Face of hope

Face of hope
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Yippie for the Zippie!

Yep.. the title says it all! It's here! Meagan had a short PT session this morning followed by the rep from Numotion who came out to deliver Meagan's wheelchair! First about her PT session - the PT was actually happy with Meagan today.  We have decided that we are just going to skip working on the arms for now until we have actual answers as to what is going on.  With her AFOs on, and as long as we count her off like she's dancing, Meagan seems to LOVE to move her legs.  We hold her up and she will move her little feet as fast as possible (Thank you 2 years of watching Irish dance!).  So the PT has decided since she enjoys moving her feet, that's the direction we will go.  She is looking in to getting Meagan a gait trainer - we aren't sure how she will tolerate being strapped in, but I think once she realizes she can move it, we will have a lot of success.  Being that for now the arms are a mystery, we are going to work on developing her legs and try to do it in ways that minimize the use or reliance on her arm strength.  The gait trainer will be one way we can do this, along with just holding her and allowing her to "tap tap" her feet as much as possible so she gets the sensation of moving her legs separately..etc.  I'm fine with that plan - it lets us move on in PT without worrying about conquering her arms.  If her arms are going to be a permanent problem, down the road it does raise concerns about falling and balance - not having the arm strength to break falls..etc.. but we will just cross that bridge when we get there.

As for the chair - it is awesome so far and seems like a great fit for Meagan.  It has rugged wheels so we can take it anywhere - the preschool, or a walk on the mountain. The bottom has a huge storage place which will be great when having to transport her feeding bag, along with things for her sisters.  It has a tray which will be wonderful for times Meagan has to wait for her sisters so she has a place to have a few toys, or a puzzle or book.  It has a lot of support for her which is great.  She really needs it in her back especially.  Her abs are incredibly strong but her back is very weak so the supported seat will be great in helping to support those muscles better so they don't continue to get weaker.  It also has a head rest which will be great for her tired days or when she falls asleep.  On the back it has a recline or tilt option - and a hook for her feeding bag so it is secure on the back of her chair especially when in crowded places. There is also a large canopy for when we go places outdoors or in the sun. Even better it folds very easily.  The chair part lifts off easily and the bottom frame folds up with one push of a button into almost the exact same shape as a stroller - which for a busy family of 7 with limited van space is a very important feature!
We are very happy with the feel of it and excited for all the places we can take her in a much more comfortable way!  And it's PINK! What more could a girl want?!

Chair part

Hook for feeding back and pocket for storage

Big rugged wheels and a large storage compartment

Comfortable 5 point harness or the option of just using the seatbelt 

A big tray for playing 

Tilt and Recline options 

Foot rest

She seems right at home! 

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