Face of hope

Face of hope
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Finding Her Magic - Happy 2nd Birthday Meagan!

It's amazing what another year can offer in perspective. Reading Meagan's 1st Birthday post brought back a flood of memories and emotions.  I'm so thankful I wrote all of that down - it is such a blessing to be able to go back and read and dive right back into those moments.  There is something healing about it - and also something helpful - so that I never forget or take for granted how far she has come and what we have all had to go through to get her here and help her thrive.  However, at the conclusion of this year, what has been on my mind is notsomuch the practical things we have been through, but something more intangible.

My oldest daughter loves to read.  All the girls love books, but ever since her reading skills have taken off in particular, she just cannot wait to get through another book.  I love that about her.  One of my favorite authors when I was younger was Roald Dahl.  As soon as I realized she was ready to handle his books, I started suggesting them to her. She got The BFG, Matilda, and a few of the other titles to read.  What I loved about his books when I was little was often times, the sheer absurdity of his humor and story lines   His characters and their tales were so crazy and funny that it was a great escape from reality and made for a never-ending and never boring adventure through the imagination.  I was recently reading through some of Roald Dahl's quotes ...one in particular stuck out to me:

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
 - Roald Dahl

It struck a chord with me because I have often thought of what got us to this point.  What gave us the courage to trust in God and let things happen as they were meant to happen? How were we able to stand up as her parents and be both strong enough and naive enough at the same time to balance bringing a child like Meagan into the world when almost every known professional we had seen warned us to the contrary?  And then upon reading that quote - I realized that God had not made us any stronger or smarter than anyone else.  But what He had done is reminded me that only HE knows where the true joyous surprises in our lives hide.  And only by me listening would I have His guidance to learn all the unlikely places in my life that would unlock the best secrets yet to come.  

Silly girl 

It did take a huge leap of faith - but I am forever grateful we trusted.  I'm forever grateful that I listened to God and unlocked all those unlikely places that allowed Meagan to come into our lives.  Each day I am reminded of the rewards for exploring our unlikely places in our life..... when she smiles, or tries something new, or even just sleeps peacefully in my arms.  And even on the bad days, I want to scream back to those doctors that even those harder moments don't make unlikely places undesirable.  Tough? Sure. But not undesirable. Because what the naysayers miss is that in those moments, is where the magic that happens... when we are allowed to be there... entrusted to hold her, kiss her, and tell her good days will come again. That is the magic we could have missed had we not listened to our hearts.  

Meagan has had quite an adventurous year.  Mostly good! But also a lot of procedures, surgeries and hospital stays - that pattern isn't too much different from her first year of life.  We expect and hope that to spread out here in the near future, but even so, she has made some incredible strides this year.  She is starting to make a lot of new sounds - babbles, consonant sounds, several short words (mama, dada, eat, more, please, play) and signing others.  She has started to initiate communication for the first time - instead of copying our sounds or signs, she is using a few of them like Da-du! (Thank you) at appropriate times, showing us she is starting to understand the concept of how to use language on her own.  She is stronger physically - she is extremely close to being an independent sitter finally.  She can sit against anyone or the couch for a while - and if balanced correctly can hold a sit on her own for several seconds before flopping over.  She is happy - always showing joy and delight and her sisters, her environment, or new voices in the room from visiting friends or family.  One thing she has been struggling with as of late is trying to work on her hands and/or knees in her PT sessions.  It just isn't happening. The girl doesn't like weight through her arms or hands.  We have tried about every trick in the book and she just doesn't want to do it.  She is motivated, though, so we just decided to put it on the back burner for down the road and do things she DOES like to do.  So we have continued working on sitting and trying to straighten out her lower back (it is getting a bit curved because of the way she tries to hold herself in a sitting position)....which brings us to yesterday .... 

Watching some morning cartoons with the big girls

Saturday, we had a scare with our dog.  He got into four.. yes... FOUR bags of nice chocolate I had purchased for an upcoming event.  He became very ill and had to go to the emergency vet hospital (If it's not the kids or a trip with Meagan... it's the dog.. go figure...).  Luckily the vets were able to stabilize and help him and after a one night stay he was able to return home.  As soon as he came home Meagan was immediately interested in where he was.  She has turned herself around in circles on the floor before or moved herself to the side to grab something she wants or to see better...but not yesterday.  Yesterday, she looked over in Dudley's direction and just 'inch wormed' her way right over to him..when he would get up, she would continue to follow him around the room! We were cracking up as she shimmied this way and that -the whole time trying her hardest not to use her arms (stubborn kid!) and  trying to keep up with the poor dog (who probably just wanted some rest away from the kids after his long night!)

Watch out world - Meagan is 2!

Meagan has found a way, in a most unlikely manner, to move herself forward.  I think this speaks volumes about her attitude and her year to come.  She is ready to go - ready to unlock all her secrets and see what the year has in store for her.  As I look back on Meagan's 2nd year, I know that she has never lost sight of the magic.  And because of my thoughts lately....maybe this will be the year we go back and visit those old doctors - to remind them that sometimes, just sometimes, unlikely places aren't undesirable...but show us the true joy we never knew we were missing. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Meagan Theresa Gianna!!  May this year be full of accomplishments and happiness.  May you have health and comfort as you continue to move forward in your journey.  And when there are those inevitable bumps in the road, don't fret.  I will be right there to help you find your magic again.....Because you taught me how long ago.

 Meagan saying "Twoooo"  
We have been working hard on that one!

Meagan has no problem finding her magic....
we all have so much to learn from these kids! 


  1. Beautiful <3 Happy Birthday sweet Meagan!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Seeing her move around the floor ... priceless. And so amazing. LOL!! Happy Birthday, sweet Meagan!!!