Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not Me

For a week or so now, I would come to "Meagan's corner," as we call it....( her little area of our living room that has all of her toys, therapy toys and tools we use with her.)...and her blocks would be a total mess.  I know for a fact that Maura sometimes helps herself to Meagan's toys, and when I see this I gently remind her to please use the other toys in the playroom so we can keep all of Meagan's things together in one space.  I would lay Meagan to play for a few minutes while I would fold laundry, or quickly put away dishes....Maura would typically come over to play with her but by the time I would go pick Meagan back up to go upstairs, I would notice blocks everywhere all over the floor.  Again I would ask Maura to please not throw the blocks around so we can keep Meagan's stuff together.  Maura kept saying day after day "It's not me!"

Well tonight, the power of technology has exonerated poor Maura.  I heard a digging sound in Meagan's block bin... next thing I knew the bugger had hurled it over her head and off the rolled anywhere from an ince to several feet from where she was laying.  Ooops! I had no clue Meagan could hurl things this far.  And now I know she is totally using her position in the family to already blame messes on her sisters ;) I'm on to you now Meagan!

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