Face of hope

Face of hope
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Sunday, March 24, 2013


After a very rough week for Meagan and a lot of new information to digest we have had a lot of well wishers and prayers offered. We are thankful for every one of those and appreciate all the love and prayers. I was asked a several times by friends how I manage with the 5 girls, household obligations, and balancing that with Meagan's good and bad days alike. When she is having a rough patch, how do I do it?

I can't speak for any parent but myself. And the answer for me is ... I just do. I tend to worry or seek out information with a few in my trusted close circle of friends (non hydro parents and hydro parents alike). I have my core group of confidants with whom I can vent or seek advice. But outside of that group, I just "go." I'm pretty sure I've always been like this whether it was school, a project I was working on, or a job...my parents can definitely attest to that.  When things happen with Meagan, that innate sense in me to turn on the afterburners, so to speak, just kicks in. Especially with the unexpected things, I just live in the moment. I tend to be more defensive and on the "attack" than worrisome. My worry usually comes after the event. I guess this is a gift from God so He allows me to focus all my energy on Meagan at the times she needs help.

Coming back home from unexpected hospital stays is always a relief. Not just that Meagan is ok and we are home, but that I am back with my other girls too. This is so hard on them at times when I have to be away with Meagan. And while Meagan requires extra special attention and care, my other girls need me too...in so many ways.  They are just incredible little human beings, so coming home to them is always a joy.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to teach some lessons and the girls were going upstairs with Brian.  Reilly approached me on her way upstairs and told me she had written me a note and wanted to read it to me. This is what it said:

"Dear Mommy, you are the best mom in the world. I am so glad that you are my mom. I just couldn't do anything without you. Love, your mommy girl, Reilly"

Her sentiment was so sweet and genuine. It was definitely a note I will be keeping.

So besides all the normal parent stuff and the unconditional love and the pride in being able to help them or comfort them ... Moments like that are really what gets me through the trying times.  The glimpses I see showing me our girls are turning into good people. Loving people. Prayerful people. Grateful people. Those are the glimpses that keep me going and make even the toughest days oh so bright.

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