Face of hope

Face of hope
Courtesy: TIffany Kay Photography

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Checkin Out!

This morning, Meagan woke up with no fever. And we held off giving any Motrin last night, so I knew for sure that the fever was probably gone.  She was still really fussy, but at least she wasn't as hot.  She had a few of her 'typical' seizures the previous night, but nothing out of the 'norm.'  However, this morning, I actually called the nurse in because Meagan had a different type of seizure.  She laid on her side and was staring up at the ceiling. I assumed she was staring at the light, but when I got out of the bed, she didn't budge.  I walked to the side of the bed and got right in front of her face - I called her name and smiled at her and made noise.. she didn't look at me. Then I put my hand on her shoulder and shook her saying "Meagan, Meagan...." ... nothing. After about 20 seconds went by,  I picked up the phone and called the nurse.  At this time, Meagan's head started to shake back and forth.  It happened like that for about 10 seconds, and then the shaking stopped.  She was still out of it when the nurse came in.  A few seconds after that, she seemed to focus again and responded to me when I touched her.  It was so scary.  I have never seen her that "frozen" in a seizure.  She was not happy afterwards, and ended up falling asleep for a few hours. The nurse logged it and called Meagan's Neurologist. He decided to up her seizure meds and gave us a new prescription.

Despite a shaky start to the morning, the rest of the day was relatively uneventful. Since an infection had been ruled out, and any shunt issue, the only thing left was the flu test and viral panel.  Meagan tested negative for all.  So we were left with the fever with no origin. I really hate mysteries when it comes to my kids.

Fever gone, but still acting uncomfortable

 We were set for discharge, but then I was told they actually wanted to keep us in the hospital for a few more days because of her eating.  Meagan had dropped weight again, but, who doesn't when they aren't feeling well.  And, we are staying on top of her weight issues with the GI doctor, Pediatrician, and feeding therapist.  The nutritionist and nurses were really concerned about it and didn't want to discharge us because of it, but, after talking with them, I assured them we were on top of the eating/weight issue, and it was just "Meagan."  We had her in the proper therapies and care, and we had already discussed a G-tube if eating did not improve greatly in the next 4-6 months.  Based on that conversation and a recommendation from our Neurosurgeon's office, the hospital was ok with us getting our walking papers. I realize she isn't 100%, but, there was no serious matter keeping us at Children's anymore since those had all been ruled out, so I felt coming home is the best decision and am glad the hospital complied.

Although the fever is gone and her soft spot sunken in once again,  Meagan still is not quite herself tonight. She is very fussy. She is extremely head sensitive, and cries at everything.  I'm hoping she is just recovering from a very strange and uncomfortable weekend and we'll see improvement in the next few days.  I will be watching her closely, but, considering she still feels cool tonight, I think we have officially kicked the fever out of the door. She is doing some of her normal things like grabbing her feet, but is also very sad at times.   After a weekend like hers, it's certainly ok to be out of sorts for a few days! Hopefully in the next day or so, I see my good ol' Megs return. I'm sure I will.

Playing with her toes with a sad face


  1. That is a sad face. Glad you are home and I hope she is back to herself soon.

  2. Poor baby girl! So sorry to hear that she hasn't been feeling well. I think of her often and include her in my prayers! Give her a hug from me! :)